All Saints Community Centre


Our Community Centre is a vibrant multifunctional hub offering a welcoming and affordable meeting space and venue for various activities, events and functions. 

We host various community activities, events and classes through a diverse range of local groups based at the Community Centre. All activities are grouped in the following categories:

Social, cultural, recreational and physical activities provide low or no cost sessions on regular basis to a wide range of local residents. For a full list of activities please look at our User Groups

Children and Youth specific activities aim to support provision of low cost preschool childcare (provided by Marvel Preschool Nursery) and after- school activities (run by The Greenwich Football Academyand available to all children in the area.

Other cultural, physical and education activities for children and youth are provided by 32nd Deptford (All Saints) Scouts, Get and Dance (GDND) Academy, REMEC Youth ClubHomework Club, various Foreign Language Classes and other community groups

In partnership with All Saints Church we also organise annual trips to Wales (Snowdonia) and Isle of Man for local children in the area. 

Activities for vulnerable adults are run through All Saints Drop- In Centre. A significant amount of Community Centre's work is aimed at supporting vulnerable members of the community, mostly elderly local residents through provision of low cost hot meals twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays), organising various social events   (e.g. special occasion dinners and other events - Christmas, Easter, etc.) and day trips to the seaside in Brighton or Southend). 

Training and Educational activities are run in partnership with training  and education providers, particularly those offering vocational training and other education opportunities for younger residents in South East London. 

Religious and Faith related activities are run by various religious and patrimonial groups that mostly meet on Sundays. For a full list of faith groups please look at our User Groups



SE London's most loved community venue 

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Venue hire for Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Children's Parties and other similar occasions are very welcome at our Centre.

In recent years All Saints earned a reputation as an excellent venue for private functions.


Please note that functions take place on Saturdays only and are subject to availability. 

The opening hours are 10.00 am to 11.00 pm 

For more information on the hire rates please visit our Private Functions page.  


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